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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990 to help ensure individuals with disabilities had full access to accommodations. At the time, accommodations referred to more physical in nature – access to elevators, ramps for wheelchairs, wide aisles for navigating, and services and communication. Now that our world has gone digital, however, ADA compliance has moved beyond the physical accommodations and into the digital ones. ADA compliance now extends to websites, software, and
Microservices in Software Development
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Microservices have become a hot topic in software development this year. As applications have been in use for longer and longer periods, they have become complex in structure and difficult to manage. Traditional development models are written by a single team, in a single structure of the code. As your business grows, users increase, additional features are requested, and the number of developers working on the project increases. As rapidly-changing technology becomes the norm, developers
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Once, a long and linear process, the software development lifecycle has transformed into something that moves much faster and is more adaptable to change. As the pace of our world has shifted, businesses need to be able to keep up. Previously, software development required months of gathering requirements and feature lists which lead to months (or years) of coding, followed by even more time for testing and finally launching. The SDLC – Software Development Lifecycle
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It all starts with a customer. Then it grows. And grows. And as your business grows larger, so does your staff, your offerings, and your sales process. With these changes, your business requires the proper tools to automate and support growth. Many, if not most, businesses turn to a quality CRM, or customer relationship management, software to help execute on their sales and marketing strategies. A good CRM software can be a central location for
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Who We Are LTC IT Solutions, aka LTC,  is a La Crosse, Wisconsin based software development team. Let’s be honest. We’re actually located in Onalaska, Wisconsin for those familiar with the area. Our team is composed of software developers, project managers, and information technology professionals. What We Do We are custom software programmers. We can either start from scratch on a complete software development project, integrate out-of-the-box software with your current systems, or supplement your